Intuitive Reading

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Intuitive Reading

During an intuitive reading session I channel information. You will get answers, strengthening guidance and possible causes to different situations in your life. These can be about your profession, relationships, health issues, blocks, personal growth or other. This in order to help you move forward and find strength, inspiration, understanding and direction in life.

I invite your personal guide/guides, archangels, angels, ascended masters, higher light-beings and divine helpers to assist in the channeling of information to you. This work is performed in high frequency light for the highest good.

Questions about:

• your personal life

• relationships

• health issues

• your profession

• personal development

• spiritual development

• your life purpose

• how you can proceed when feeling stuck in some area

You also get information about possible causes to your situation. These causes can originate in prior lifetimes or in this lifetime from belief systems or so-called soul contracts that you have decided upon to work with in this lifetime.

Intuitive Soul Journey

This is a spiritual soul journey in peace and harmony. You will experience a journey during meditation where I guide you. We meet guides, spiritual helpers, light beings that will travel and be of assistance. This is performed in high frequency light.

An Intuitive Soul Journey can be:

• a journey to meet your soul star family and/or receive answers about your life mission.

• a journey to read your soul contracts, those that no longer serve you in your life and that you wish to delete or rewright. This is done in order to proceed on your life path, to evolve, to grow as a human being. Also to develop yourself in your profession.

A soul contract is a situation, a feeling, a mental programme, thoughtforms that resides within you from your childhood – early adulthood, social heritage or prior lifetimes. Here you will have the possibility to look closer to that.

• reading of prior lifetimes can be channelled as an Intuitive Soul Journey where you close your eyes and follow in the meditation that I guide in.

Prior to the session you can bring a topic where you would like to have a shift and a change. You can bring it within you as an intention or verbalise it during the session.

Intuitive Readings and Intuitive Soul Journeys assist you on your personal path in your life and your growth as a being. You get help and insights in order to make your own decisions where you take responsibility for design of and mastering your own life.

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